Professional Entrepreneurial Coaching Offered to KIITEC Alumni

April 18, 2013

KIITEC Alumni now have access to free professional coaching thanks to the volunteer services of Mr. Jean-Stéphane Szijarto who will be extending his time and assistance to interested Alumni pursuing their own businesses.  

Mr. Szijarto has worked as an Executive Coach and Management Trainer for over 10 years through his business Developing Talent based in Switzerland (www.developingtalent.ch). He believes the way that FTE supports it’s students matches his coaching philosophy of support and presence while at the same time agreeing on challenging goals that will help the individual to develop skills and self-reliance.

FTE places a high priority on entrepreneurial education in the FTE Education Model. As part of the curriculum students at KIITEC receive 3 years of business training, attending weekly business management and entrepreneurial classes during their studies. FTE has currently graduated 7 students who have started their own businesses based on the technical education received at KIITEC. With their future success in mind, professional business coaching is a service that we hope will help strengthen their businesses helping our graduates serve their communities as successful young business men and women.

As we enter into this new partnership, Mr. Szijarto hopes that his "entrepreneurial experience, technical background and coaching approach will significantly contribute to more health, wealth and independence in the countries where FTE is working”.

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in our Entrepreneurship Coaching Programme please contact us as at: info@ftefoundation.org.