Policy Support

In the Classroom

We are committed to increasing awareness and providing support to key policy issues in developing countries. Our educational goal is to increase access to productive employment as a key element of sustainable poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. FTE places importance, based on best practices, on embedding these issues into the teaching curriculum and education environment to help every graduate to become an informed employee and active citizen contributing to their local community.

Our curriculum includes an introductory education focused on HIV/AIDS awareness, planned parenting and nutrition arming each student with knowledge that has the potential to save lives and contribute to a better future. FTE seeks to empower women by supporting their educational and professional development and by encouraging gender equality within technical fields.

Additionally our education model includes business management and entrepreneurial skills building courses, as we believe that educating well-rounded graduates goes beyond the teaching of basic technical skills. We offer start-up financing programmes for budding entrepreneurs and merit-based scholarships for qualified students.

Outside the Classroom

Technical education by itself does not create jobs; therefore we continue to work together with governments and policy makers to encourage the right policies and conditions to stimulate economic development in communities and workplaces.