Our Story

“We believe that through technical education, citizens can be provided basic tools to participate in the development and maintenance of technologies in their own communities, contributing to job creation, economic development and societal betterment. Meaningful development relies on sound and quality technical education and we are committed to developing and delivering sustainable and industry-aligned solutions. In today’s information age, technical education has never been more key to long-term sustainable development that benefits all.” - FTE Founders

In a world where technology and information is highly accessible why is that when an elevator breaks down in Dar es Salaam or a data centre fails in Maputo, there is a need to call in an engineer from South Africa or Europe?

The mass importation and rapid advancement of new technologies has left many countries with unsolvable maintenance problems leading to reduced production and productivity loss. Due to the absence of adequate maintenance competencies, these nations have instead increased their imports or invested in new technologies to replace broken machinery. A lack of technical understanding of how the equipment works has created an increased monetary burden out of proportion with developing countries’ financial resources.

After spending years building lasting friendships with the local people while exploring the depths of East Africa, the founding members of FTE came to recognize that the lack of technical know-how held back development. Sitting together around a small wooden table in Tanzania, with a combination of business, engineering, teaching and medical backgrounds, they committed then and there to finding the resources to provide access to professional training centres to educate the maintenance technicians needed to address this problem.

Our Timeline

Today, FTE acts in a capacity to create and nurture positive and sustainable partnerships and provides the expertise and means to encourage innovative technical education solutions.

Founding members pictured above: Henri Bonneville, Francis Brochon, Jean-Claude Couffinhal, Michel Blondeau, & Jean-Pierre Acquadro. 

Additional founding members: Alfonse Franco, Françoise Sayetat, François Blestel, Naresh Mehta, Alexandre Mucci, Marc Basseporte, Janine Morel, François Ullmann, Jean-René Lepezel, Jean-Michel Berçot 

“After 10 years as an established foundation we are proud of our successes and continued growth. Our values remain rooted in respect for the local governments and communities we work with and, now more than ever, we are eager to build on our relations in East Africa to expand our education model there and beyond. With our combined experiences we stand together ready to surge forward to find ways to educate more committed students, facilitate access to more jobs and impact more lives than before.”
- FTE Founders