Our Partners

To leverage our resources and impact as many lives as possible, we collaborate with organizations that believe in the same student-centred approach to technical education as we do. Sharing knowledge and resources, FTE works together with like-minded organizations to develop long-term, strategic partnerships that combine targeted technical skills and a commitment to scale and replication with volunteering in education. To date, partnerships have been fostered with:


Aide Développement Education International (ADEI): A French non-governmental organization comprised of engineers, teachers and entrepreneurs committed to developing professional technical trainings in developing countries.


Schneider Electric FoundationA corporate foundation that promotes the social integration and occupational training to the most underprivilegedyoung people, the Schneider Electric Foundation provides long-term encouragement and support to national and international vocational rehabilitation organizations or bodies that provide job training in electricity-related trades.


Schneider Electric Teachers: An NGO that promotes voluntary commitment of current and retired employees in educational and professional training programmes in the energy trade.

Power Technics Ltd: An engineering company with offices located throughout the East African region with priorities on electrical engineering technology, superior sheet metal engineering technology, automation and systems.


Ingénieurs du MondeAn international NGO focused on skills training, knowledge building and promotion of projects that aid in the development of populations living in emerging countries/regions.

Impact Economy:A social finance and strategy firm providing research, knowledge and executive education, strategy advisory, governance and financial services to enable individuals, institutions and companies to participate fully and meaningfully in the current transition to the new paradigm of                                                                         sustainability capitalism or “impact economy”.

“Ingénieurs du Monde has participated in several teaching and education projects in Africa, but the Foundation for Technical Education project of creating vocational schools in Tanzania is a new and extraordinary experience. Ingénieurs du Monde join with enthusiasm the qualified team constituted to support Mr F. Brochon’s endeavour, backs the scope and aim of the project and holds the view that the conditions for a successful relationship have been brought together. Moreover, Ingénieurs du Monde contends that FTE’s education model is a powerful model applicable to countries seeking a solution to inappropriate training infrastructure and courses not tailored to local economic requirements.”  
- Francois Ullmann, President of Ingénieurs du Monde