Mission and Approach

Our Mission

Our Mission is to leverage technology-based education to help transform lives and enable local development. We achieve this by providing the tools and essential skills that are needed for young people to achieve successful careers in the technical field.

Our Approach

Based on our replicable education model successfully implemented at  KIITEC, the international technical training centre in Tanzania, we work in collaboration with our partners and with existing education institutions to build effective, hands-on, 21st century technical education. Bringing a comprehensive, practical, relevant and high-quality learning experience to students in developing economies, our programmes provide the foundational skills students need to succeed in their technical careers and create value for employers and society.

We identify our projects through a three-stage process to ensure quality initiatives that achieve impact.

1. Research local conditions and key areas in need

We conduct thorough needs assessments with local communities to determine where we can provide the most value and impact. Based on our existing educational model, we develop customized projects to meet the needs of the local people and industries.

2. Unite local communities with international partners

We bring together industry experts from other foundations, NGOs and corporations to collaborate with local communities. Finding and using all available tools to build momentum and awareness for each project, we are committed to creating the necessary conditions for success.

3. Act thoughtfully and efficiently to see out each project

We remain committed to ensure each project is executed from start to finish with professionalism and dedication, promoting long-term, sustainable outcomes and success.

FTE does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

"In the information age, a skilled workforce is essential to drive economic growth forward and create prosperity for all – technical education provides the key."

“I thank very much FTE and Francis' team for the great investment they have made in the field of engineering at the technical level through KIITEC, this is great. These investments stand next to none in this country and perhaps in East Africa in terms of quantity and quality".

George Mcharo, KIITEC 2009 Graduate