Expanding Our Reach

Based on our pioneering work in Tanzania, FTE is set to broaden our reach by expanding our education model in the developing world, committing our resources to where they are most needed. We strive to build quality centres of excellence in technical training throughout the developing world through the CE-TEC Technical Training Programme

We collaborate with existing technical training centres to build effective education programming based on our 5 FTE Principles of technical education. Bringing a comprehensive 21st century learning experience to developing economies, our programmes provide the foundation of skills that students need to secure and succeed in their technical careers. 

Delivery Method

Our learning programmes are delivered in English in classrooms provided by our education partners. Each course is supported by in-class instruction, hands-on learning activities simulating on the job experiences and academic assessments. Our courses are designed to deliver results, teaching the relevant and practical skills students need to succeed in the technical field.

Understanding that local communities are often better positioned to find the solutions to their own problems, our Education Model relies on shared responsibilities but local ownership, entrusting the coordination and management to the local leadership team of the schools.


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