Get Involved: As a Donor

Supporting FTE makes a real difference in the lives of young people in developing countries.

Money is important to develop our projects but it does not create change on its own. We believe in building sustainable projects by bringing talented and motivated people together to share knowledge and experiences to maximize our impact. Each donation helps build stronger, self-serving economies that are not reliant on foreign expertise for modern technologies. 


Sponsor a Student

Direct student sponsorship is a personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a student, their family and local community. Your scholarship gift provides a young man or woman with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in the workforce after graduation.

With individual sponsorship, you will receive regular education updates to learn how their technical education is impacting their life. To sponsor a student throughout their 3-year technical education programme it takes 11.00 USD/day or 360.00USD/month. This covers tuition, exam fees, daily hot lunches and school uniform. To learn more about sponsoring a student contact us at info@ftefoundation.org.

Sponsor a Project

We are bringing our education model to schools across East Africa but we can’t do it alone. We are looking for donors to sponsor our replication projects to help us increase access to quality technical education where it is most needed. Through your sponsorship, existing schools upgrade their facilities and services to become FTE recognized Centres of Excellence in Technical Education. This includes providing necessary learning equipment, training and examination materials, adherence to a strict quality control plan and international teacher training. Project sponsors receive regular progress reports and are invited to the project location for regular visits to participate in progress monitoring. To learn more about sponsoring a project contact us at info@ftefoundation.org

Furnish a Classroom

For 1850.00 USD you can provide a comfortable learning space for our technical students. With 32 students in each classroom, this cost will provide desks for each one. 

To learn more about furnishing a classroom contact us at info@ftefoundation.org





Support Teacher Training

Committed to sustainable approaches, we only hire local teachers to work at our schools. To ensure they have the capacity to not only teach the courses but to use the equipment too, all of our teachers undergo intensive training by our international experts. Help us invest in local teachers by supporting teacher-training programmes. The cost to train 1 teacher and 1 assistant at our international training centre is 32,350 USD. To learn more about supporting teacher training contact us at info@ftefoundation.org


Donate by Mail 

Please make cheques payable to Foundation for Technical Education and send to:

Foundation for Technical Education

Rue Jacques-Grosselin 8

CH-1227 Carouge